Comic 3 - 3 - Jai Alai

Posted on April 9, 2015
3 - Jai Alai
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PaulieDanger April 8, 2015 edit delete
I love all sports. I can sit and watch any sport, any time, any where. I don't care. Truly, I don't. There are some sports I can't get into. Cricket, for example. It just doesn't make sense to me. I tried. I would watch cricket matches and just sit there, staring at the screen, totally baffled by what I was watching.

Jai Alai is another one of those sports, like cricket, that I would love to watch and get into. But there's no information anywhere about the sport. Sure, there's a wikipedia page. But there's no Jai Alai section on Bleacher Report. There's no cleverly named Jai Alai blog on the network.


I want to watch some Jai Alai, let's make that happen, internet.